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Other Career Opportunities

City of Burbank, California

The Burbank Police Department is supported by a robust group of non-sworn employees. There are many public safety career opportunities within the Department, including Communications/911 Operator, Jailer, Forensic Specialist, Records Technician, and more. 

Communications Operator

The Burbank Police Communications Center is staffed with three to four employees on each patrol shift, 24-hours per day. Communications Operators answer an average of 11,000 non-emergency calls and 2,500 911 calls per month. Communications Center employees are considered to be the true "first responders" who make critical life-saving decisions on a regular basis. 


A career as an emergency Communications Operator is rewarding and offers great benefits, including a 3/12 work schedule. The position of Communications Operator is currently OPEN. CLICK HERE to apply!

Dispatcher Burbank California Police Department


Jailer 3.heic

The Burbank Police Department has its own certified Type I jail facility. The jail typically houses arrestees for up to 96 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) and is staffed by trained custody officers who have successfully completed a Correctional Officer Training Academy. Jailers are responsible for the care and custody of arrestees housed by BPD until their release from custody or transfer to another agency or the court.

The Jailer position offers a 3/12 work schedule with excellent pay and benefits. The position of Jailer is currently closed. Please check back for future openings.

JAILER AS-NEEDED position is OPEN for current, full time jailers or corrections officers with a state, county or local municipality who have completed a California Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) approved Adult Corrections Officer Course. For more information and to apply, CLICK HERE.

Forensic Specialist

The Burbank Police Department staffs full time Forensic Specialists who are responsible for gathering, examining, and processing evidence related to criminal investigations. 


A career as a Forensic Specialist is rewarding and offers great benefits, including a 4/10 work schedule on weekdays. The position of Forensic Specialist is currently closed. Please check back for future openings.

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