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Background Investigation

All applicants must complete a pre-employment background investigation to ensure candidates meet the high standards required to serve as a law enforcement officer (California Government Code §1031).

Disqualifying factors may include:

  • Criminal history (certain types of offenses)

  • Felony convictions

  • Convictions of any crime that prohibits possession of a firearm

  • DUI arrest and/or conviction

  • Domestic violence arrest and/or conviction (misdemeanor or felony)

  • Certain drug use 

  • Poor driving record

  • Poor credit history

  • Dishonesty

  • Negative job history (e.g., termination or other disciplinary action)

  • Dishonorable military discharge

Background investigations require that candidates complete a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ), collect and submit certain required documents, attend an orientation interview with a background investigator, take a polygraph/computer voice stress analysis exam, and undergo reference checks.

The background investigation is one of the requirements by California's Commission on Peace Officer and Standards and Training (CA POST) 

Laptop Writing

Candidates can apply at *New recruits (non-laterals) must register with the National Testing Network prior to taking the written exam.

1. Apply Online


The Chief of Police and BPD Command Staff will meet and interview you to determine if you're a qualified candidate to join our team.

5. Chief's Interview


Candidates must pass the NTN written exam with a score of 70% or higher. For more information, follow the link below.

2. Written Exam

BG check.PNG

An extensive background check will be completed to ensure candidates meet the high standards required to join Burbank PD.

6. Background Check

Tying Shoelaces

Law enforcement is a physically-demanding career. Candidates must complete a physical agility course in two minutes or less. 

3. Physical Agility


A psychological exam is designed to evaluate a candidate's ability to handle the stresses that accompany a career in law enforcement.

7. Psychological Exam

Oral Interview Cropped 2.png

Following successful completion of the physical agility course, candidates must pass an in-person, panel interview.

4. Oral Interview


A medical exam ensures candidates are in good health and ready to perform the essential duties of a police officer.

8. Medical Exam

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